Saturday, February 23, 2013


ok I'm trying something I am expecting to get yelled at for... but I am trying hydroxycut. I did a bunch of research on reviews etc it beforehand and got a bottle. I am being super super careful due to my tachycardia and it having so much caffeine. (was not able to get the caffeine free version :p)

I've been sick so I took my first one yesterday due to I would be at home in case of any horrible side effects. I'm making sure to drink a ton of water, and yesterday pretty much just laid around in bed. Ate carefully minus my omg craving at 2am for peanut butter and chocolate. My weight even with cutting out soda has jumped to 155, higher than i have ever weighed before and I am sick of it and brokenhearted.

I went to bed weighing 155 and woke up 152. My weight fluctuated throughout the day but never by this much. Thus far with super water intake I have been peeing a lot but have not yet had any funny side effects. I only took one pill yesterday and will prob do the same today.

I do NOT plan to use this as a long term thing, I plan to try it very carefully along with eating right and when I'm not fully sick, exercise. I managed to do a few leg/stomach things while in bed. If it can help me reach my weight goal that exercise and food alone is not doing, then okay. If I can reach or get closer to my goal I will stop taking it. If I plateau I will stop taking it. If I get any funny side effects like headache or palpitations I will stop taking it.

I am at this point just utterly desperate. I understand water weight, and fluctuations etc. But this is my experiment to see if something will work where others and basic things have not. My body is very temperamental especially with exercise, I also have medications working against me that cause weight gain that cannot be changed. I don't expect a miracle drug or plan to be drug dependent to loose weight because that is not how it works. But I will chronicle how this is working so I can track my progress.

yeah I dropped this crap after a week. No physical change and omg tons and tons of water just to keep from getting side effects. bleh

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