Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cuttlefish Casting

So been meaning to try this for awhile. I had fun but sadly got a partial piece (silver did not flow all the way into the mold) and the second attempt the metal was not hot enough and cooled as soon as it hit the cuttlefish bone. Sadly I nay own a proper torch. Butane torch is the best I've got for the moment. All pics are from the first attempt. Also another thing I am not currently fond of is that while the bone is easy to carve into, detail does not hold well as it tends to break away very easily...

bone mold wired up
showing the sprue and button hole

casting contraption I made, water in the tin at the very bottom to catch any loose metal
I love melting metal, so pretty

pretty pic

hot button, and as you can see it did not all make it into the mold
And damn, as you can see a tiny bit
dropped to the bottom but then did not
fill up.

finished first attempt

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