Tuesday, June 19, 2012

how to make eye kohl

Took this photo last night as I was makin' me kohl. Use a natural candle, flame touching the bottom of a silver spoon. When it builds up, scrape it into a li'l tin (left). Once you've got plenty of soot in the tin, drop about three or four drops (ish) of melted ghee or coconut oil and stir until it's the thickness of toothpaste. Apply with a brush. This is my third batch and I won't go back to commercial nonsense. Ever. Love, Arbibi
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Rachel Brice
PS: For day, not for stage. Lasts about like lipgloss. Put in your purse for multiple applications per day. ♥

While i dont use this myself I thought it quite interesting :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012


hmm tops. Tops I would look good in, (I need serious help there...shhhh...its supposed to be a secret...but not really. I'm a large due to the em...yeah. if its tight, xl. Myself and figuring out stylish things and what looks good on me do not work well. I would appreciate help from the awesome stylish friends I have, even advice! only things, I hate lace and like spaghetti straps.)

oh i also have an older kindle and a new nook so giftcards to amazon and barnes and noble are always good :D
and chocolate
and total wines
oh also

2 small meade glasses (Cause you have to have a friend right?)

any actual meade from them would be fantastic too but that requires a trip to maryland which i dont expect
<3 so just some ideas on a list of things for me to do at somepoint

Birthday Wishes

So July 9th I turn the dreaded 26, mostly because I want to stay 25 forever and health insurance and work sucks and finding a new job sucks and blah blah blah you don't want to hear it.

So, I have a wish list of things that I would like, not really expecting anything but I am going to put it out there because I can :) money is always good but for anyone who likes items- well then again these are expensive so maybe this should just be a list of things I would like to eventually own...

Balanced sword, and the good kind. id tech like 2, but i can happily start with 1.

and the dvd how to use it would be awesome too

Dash Kaleen burnout tank in L


All shoes size 7

okay these are my favorite, but they dont have size 7 so size 6 1/2, black leather