Thursday, June 14, 2012


hmm tops. Tops I would look good in, (I need serious help there...shhhh...its supposed to be a secret...but not really. I'm a large due to the em...yeah. if its tight, xl. Myself and figuring out stylish things and what looks good on me do not work well. I would appreciate help from the awesome stylish friends I have, even advice! only things, I hate lace and like spaghetti straps.)

oh i also have an older kindle and a new nook so giftcards to amazon and barnes and noble are always good :D
and chocolate
and total wines
oh also

2 small meade glasses (Cause you have to have a friend right?)

any actual meade from them would be fantastic too but that requires a trip to maryland which i dont expect
<3 so just some ideas on a list of things for me to do at somepoint

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