Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birthday List and just general list

I plan to have a party for friends and still am unsure of the location. I am making a wish list, I don't really expect anything but this is also a personal list of things I need/want. Repeat- I don't expect anything, especially the higher price stuff. It is just as much a post of ideas and reminders for me as if anyone wants to contribute to anything. Just having my amazing friends show up is super awesome and all I shall care about!


Back electrical stimulator. This one has 4 pads and works the whole body. This is perfect for my back pain and also developing carpel tunnel. $67.50, extra pads appreciated.

Money- $5 is helpful, even a few. Adds up to helping lots of things.

Classical Loop-in-loop chains by Jean Stark on
A must have along with fine silver on getting me back into chain and jewelry work!

Juicer- $99.00


Tardis Mini Fridge 79.99
La Petit De Mort (Yes I know what it means :p been wearing it for years)

Tardis Throw Blanket, out of stock till 6/24

Print- Tardis -$19.99

10 sonic screwdriver/pen

Messenger bag of holding- good if i get this new job or at tysons,en_US,pd.html?start=22

Allonsy shirt L

Tardis Lights

Adipose Stress Toy (can get at barnes and noble)

Firefly print-

Firefly box set ( I know its sacrilegious I don't own it)

Dining with the Doctor

GOT official cookbook

GOT unofficial cookbook


X-men Legacy, anything after the HOPE series,
Age of X, Aftermath, Back to School, X-men vs. Avengers

Gambit, 2012 book

Wegmans (yea gluten free!),,, barnes and noble,, target, sephora, teavanna, american eagle, hot topic

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