Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black Bear Bistro & Cellar

So Id love to blog about something positive, and since being introduced to this place several weeks ago by my friends Paul and Kate, I fell in love deeply with this place.

If you live near or can decide the drive to Warrenton, VA. Black Bear Bistro & Cellar is an AMAZING experience!

The food was absolutely amazing. Everything is organic, farmers market from that day fresh, or US grain fed animals, Seafood is also US. We had some chips to start off with drinks with a thyme gravy. The three flavors were amazing, getting the different hints of flavors, like drinking good wine.

The thyme gravy had that perfect kick of being thick and home made, that alone with the home made chips might have made me happy for the night. but no, then they asked for curry sauce....curry sauce? With chips? OMG..... I was drooling over chips. Kate got a white bean soup she shared with me, also fantastic. The chips also were not the super thing things you normally get, they were cut slightly thicker, but not super greasy.

We all got different things. Paul got their basic house burger. and let me have a piece. I very much understand why this is his all time favorite. They take grass fed beef, and put corn-beef on top. This made no sense to me until I tasted it. Sounds kinda weird....I really cannot keep describing the same words over and over so just trust me when I say GO TRY IT!

Kate and I got similar entrees. I got the crab cake sandwich and she got the crab cake. Now one thing I've always hated, especially even having worked at a seafood restaurant, was you pay $10-20 for one or two teeny tiny little crab cakes which are a little bit of crab meat with lots of breadcrumbs and filler.


For $6 you get, a sandwich the size of your fist with first knuckles spread, of CRAB, let me reiterate this, CRAB MEAT, with only spices and mayonnaise. Then your bun, lettuce, tomato, and choice of side.

I almost died  from sheer joy when Kate told me this. So I got to happily munch on a huge crab sandwich with homemade fries, thyme gravy, curry sauce, soda (bad me) and then had dessert.

Dessert as the rest of the meal, was amazing. I had a chocolate cake, and brought some home to my grandmother cause I had to share something this good. Kate and Paul had a Strawberry Key lime Pie. Yes, I got a bite and wow. The chef here is a genius. It tasted like a strawberry smoothie, with a hint of the key lime, in a pie.

Overall, I think my entire bill for an amazing meal for myself, $15.00 including tip. For the amount of really amazing food we had, beyond reasonable.

Also all of their drinks use fresh fruit, you can see on the website :) So if your in the area, please check this place out, they are beyond worth it! You also may want to call ahead for reservations.

Needless to say, I have been dying to go back.

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